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Tim Hayes
Senior Creative Manager at Wise Music

Lockdown in general hasn’t been as bad as I’d have expected… Luckily my girlfriend can put up with being around me 24/7!

The most recent UK lockdown throughout Winter has been hardest. As the daylight is limited and work gets busier you could easily slip into the routine of having days without going outside. Running, reading, and watching Football almost every night have helped me get through mainly... Hopefully it won’t be too much longer and we can do the whole ‘park beers in the sun’ thing again – that was great.

My playlist is a massive mixture of music that probably doesn’t work together at all for anyone bar me. It’s effectively just a selection of my favourite tunes across all genres / moods / decades.

I’ll try and curate it so it at least makes a bit of sense… And I’ve finished on a hopeful thought!