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Matt Mugford
VP Music, Walt Disney Studios

10 current favs + 10 classic favs.

These days at home I am just riding the waves between being a music supervisor, kindergarten/pre-school teacher to my 6 and 3 year old boys, studio exec, laundry folder, and zoom call aficionado (didn’t even know what zoom was 2 weeks ago!)…all with varying levels of success. This playlist is a little bit like that back and forth feeling or probably better described and the ups and downs of what we are all experiencing at this uncertain time. I picked 10 new songs that I am currently digging and 10 songs from my all time favorites list. It’s good to stay up to date on all the new cool shit that is going on, but sometimes it’s great to just sink into an old classic and remember a different time and place that (hopefully) didn’t include quarantines. Hope you enjoy!

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