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Marie Ronn
Group Creative Director at Spotify

Thank God it’s Christmas, right?!
Finally we can take a breather from this crazy, bulldozer of a year.
As I’m taking a minute, I find myself with a mixed bag of emotions.
Feeling the joys of the holiday spirit, baking cookies with my kid.
But also sad and nostalgic, longing for normality and loved ones.
And looking back at the songs I picked for this Xmas playlist,
I’m realizing I’m having a kind of happy-sad Christmas.
There are some cozy ones, some nostalgic ones, some newbies, some oldies, some fun ones and also some sad ones. Which is ok I think.
It’s ok to dance around the kitchen one minute, only to wrap yourself in a blue blanket the next.
It’s been a hard year.
We need to have fun, but sometimes a good cry also helps.

Happy Holidays, Friends.
Only a few days left to 2021 so hang in there!