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Talia Rubino
Director, Creative Sync

Well here we are. Week 16 of isolation & social distancing. This year is definitely one for the books and we will never be the same. My hope is that we grow stronger, more compassionate, and use this time to nurture ourselves and evolve as individuals. The country is in the middle of a massive civil rights movement and we must keep fighting for justice and equality. It’s a lot to digest and a lot of us are doing this alone in our homes. The one saving grace is music. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, sad, or unmotivated I put on some tunes and get cooking in the kitchen (my therapy) or go for a long walk. This playlist consists of songs, old and new, that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Some have relevant lyrics to being alone, stuck in time, or lost. Like the opening track NIN “everyday is exactly the same”, The Pixies “where is my mind”, “inside out” by spoon and The first verse of “we will become silhouettes” by The Postal Service all feel very on point. I hope you enjoy the tunes. Stay strong, stay sane, Stand up for justice and wear a mask. ❤✊🏼🎶