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Peymon Maskan
Music Supervisor and Founder/Owner of Radish Music
This playlist is called "Dig a Pool". So while you listen, if you have a pool, dig into it. If you don’t have a pool, start digging!
I’m actually planning a pool in my backyard soon, so I guess it’s top of mind.
It’s made up of mostly new or criminally ignored recent tracks that somehow make up a feel when sequenced together.
Generally hoping people put it on during a (safe) outdoor get together. I hope it’s fun, and maybe challenging at times, and that the journey is worth it for the listener. I myself suffer from being pulled in many directions at once, so I consider it a miracle if anyone gets to the end. If you do, let me know and I’ll send you a Radish sticker! Or if you just want a sticker, I’ll also send you a sticker.