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Moving Picture Company
Radu Ciubotariu, Chanakya Chander, Alex Lovejoy, Rob Hodgson

Radu Ciubotariu, CG Artist MPC, Chanakya Chander, Line Producer MPC, Alex Lovejoy, Creative Director MPC, Rob Hodgson Creative Director MPC.

Best part of lockdown, the weather 100%. How good huh? Though I’m being told it’s always like this in May, just normally we’re locked in a dark room!

It’s so amazing how the whole MPC team has come together during this time, everyone has been so committed to making the best out of this new situation after being put into a completely new lifestyle.

Home schooling the kids on how to comp has definitely been a highlight in the Lovejoy household! And let’s not forget the cat busting in on the client zoom calls! I am very excited for the future and the ‘new normal’.

Back to Snoop, my favourite Snoop track came about as reference for a scene in the new Just Eat commercial that MPC post-produced, and well, it’s great to keep the Snoop tracks rolling in the sunshine.

Alex Lovejoy, Creative Director, MPC