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Kristen Hosack
Senior Music Supervisor, Saatchi & Saatchi
Music has always been very therapeutic for me, and I am constantly making playlists to accompany any number of “life” scenarios. So, having to stay inside alone for several weeks on end was the perfect opportunity to focus a list of jams to help get me through it all.This is what’s currently in rotation for my personal music therapy. I base a good playlist on its ability to be played in the background of any activity – it sets the soundtrack, and perfectly slides right in to your environment. Staying consistent with the Hosack brand, the playlist starts with some really fun & groovy booty shaking, foot taping numbers, and then finishes with a handful of slower, tasty tracks, to help you stay calm and get you in the groooooove.A playlist for me, a playlist for you. I hope you enjoy it. xx

Check out Kristen's IRS playlist featured in shots 'One Track Mind' series