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Johnny George
Business Ops, Music Clearance & Supervision Professional / Golf In Sound Creator

I started this playlist back in March 2020, when the lockdown began, and continued adding to it for a few months after. Like many of our mental states over the past year, there are ups & downs, moments when you wanna move your body and moments when you wanna just lay on the floor and listen. One thing has remained consistent through it all though, the power of music is real (and I miss live shows). I usually create playlists to flow straight through, and this one started that way. As months went on, and we remained inside, I said ‘fuck it’ and just added what I was feeling in the moment.

I’m so grateful (most importantly) for my health, but to be part of a project like this is really an honor. I hope this playlist, just like these others, helps in whatever way you need it to. What a time to be alive. Stay safe everyone!