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Jeff Antebi
Founder Waxploitation

It feels like we're living a different lifetime every couple of weeks.


The speed at which events take place now is remarkable and intense. Maybe for some of us, our worlds are shrinking down a little bit too. With the limitations dialed up, and the stimulations dialed down -- the things we were distracted by are replaced with some very very profound replacements like mortality and justice. And who knows what's next. But we're all going through these times together.


And I think it becomes easier and easier to see who we are and what our values are, who we would like to be, and who we want to surround ourselves with, and what causes we want to support.


It's always been hard for music artists to survive, and what's going on now is heartbreaking. But maybe it took this kind of shock to the system to make people in the expanded industry become more aware of how bad it really can be for the artists who are not in the 1%. Maybe if people can keep their hearts open to this, there will be more attempts to help them have a bigger piece of the pie. I mean, without artists, what do we have?


The world seems to be waking up to systemic injustice, and that's another area where it is nice to see some powerful forces in music taking a hard look at how we treat one another. It's been a long time coming, and at least today, the level of sincerity and accountability feels like more than just talk in some circles.

Who knows what's next. Only box I haven't checked off are aliens finally showing up.

But today, I feel like there's more empathy, more action. More people willing to say out loud that they are having a hard time, and more people there to reach out to them. That's something I hope we still keep once we're allowed out again.