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Isaac Tomiczek
Head of New Business, Park Village

For all the things lockdown has offered us a chance to do, making playlists is possibly the best way to spread the love, reflect, reminisce, discover, and bring a little joy to another otherwise humdrum day.

A few of my mates and I have been making playlists and sharing for the past few weeks. With 25 years of friendship in the bank, careers in music and the arts, and very eclectic tastes, our shared memories quite often involve music in some form.

So, luckily for you, I’m sharing one of the new playlists I’ve been working on.

The playlist contains tracks that have either been heavy rotation or hold a special significance at a time where being grateful and positive are possibly the best ways to persevere…and bumping some bangers surely counts as 'unlimited exercise'.

I’ve gone high and wide with variety, curated it accordingly and been eclectic AF. A few personal faves are -

Danny Nedelko - IDLES - One of my favourite songs of recent times. Possesses a message we should all get behind. Belting it out in my garden has been therapeutic.

UP! - COCO - It was kind of inevitable that Notting Hill Carnival would get cancelled, so including this is almost melancholic, until the beat and lyrics kick in!

Jupiter - MARCUS INTALEX - When Lockdown is over and the clubs reopen the first rave I’m going to will be a Jungle night and you’ll have to peel me off the dance floor.