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Helena Gee
Senior Sync Creative & Licensing Manager at BMG

Apart from anything, this has been a nice excuse to check through all my 'shazams' and put them onto one concise playlist.

The result is me basically accepting my music taste is 'sync' now, as turns out quite a few were from Normal People (and various other incredible shows I've watched throughout this crazy year.)

A fair few BMG songs make an appearance too as after 5 years I still haven't gotten bored of digging the vaults there!

BUT Astere Aweke was something I heard in a taxi and David Thomas Broughton is a fellow Yorkshireman who's genius I shockingly only discovered this year.

It's fairly downbeat, pulling on the heartstrings stuff so I recommend listening whilst cooking or in the bath.

Which, let's face it, are the new highlights of our lockdown lives.

If you only listen to one track, let it be the last one.