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Director, Friend Ldn, Mssngpeces
Yo Quarantine crew, it’s your boy Ehsan aka (cooks). Having toured as a DJ for a decade before my director journey I’m one of those people that loves dropping cliches like ‘music is my life’ or something of an equally cheesy sort, however when the world needs a bit of love sharing music feels like such a simple thing to make it a bit better. So here’s a double whammy quarantine treat - Firstly an eclectic playlist of (mainly) chilled beats to take you through another day in shelter - rooted in hip hop but with touches of melancholy and different cultures. And secondly / more importantly, - Quarantine sound system - a vibey sunshine mixtape, mixed and cut together on three turntables at home: - jam-packed with Hip-Hop golden-era classics from 90s boom bap era mashed-up with spontaneous party classics and more eclectic bits to get heads bopping and moods brightened in this strange period in time...