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Ed Sayers
Director Seven Productions and ‘Straight 8’ Founder
hello everyone!
thanks dann and andy for asking me to contribute. better late than never.
here's a short and sweet one for everyone, just seven tracks.
if you let it it, it should be a bit of a journey.
each song - like all good ones - transports me somehow.
personally i feel the links and the journey and there's a relevance to now. maybe you will too. but whatever!
basically these are some of those songs i couldn't stop playing the first time i discovered them. always a good sign.
i hope they 'speak' to some of you too whoever/wherever/however you are!
couple of bits of housekeeping:
1) track 4 - 'greystone chapel' (the words are poetry). being a live recording at folsom prison, there's a long tail out, so skip to next track when the song itself finishes at 2'50" for a nice transition into 'going down'. i checked all the available versions but none is as good as this IMHO so this is the one i went for.
2) the last track!  you may think it's a mistake. but i heard it on bbc radio 6 while cycling round regents park (naughty daily habit) and with the endorphin rush and lockdown it just sang to me thoughts of the hopeful time coming sometime soon: "i've found a place where we can boogie" so i wanted to go out on a chillz 'up'. and reward people that came right thru the bittersweet bluesy vibes leading up to this end.
ok - enough.
please press play and enjoy this 22 minutes (remember to skip the last 3 mins of johnny cash)
hey - that's the length of one side of vinyl.
see you when we can boogie.