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Chris Marion
Director, Creative and Business Development at BMG Production Music US

I'm going to let the playlist speak for itself but I would like to take this opportunity to shout out the people who have been helping me get through these last 7 months:

1) My partner Jerrod. The biggest Dua Lipa stan I know and the man of my dreams.

2) My bff Nicole for her incredible music and wine palate. We make monthly playlists which served as inspiration for this one - the wine has been inspirational too!

3) The MusicMonday crew (Jerrod, Nicole, Maggie, Bryan, Steph, Sheryl, Ben) for sharing music weekly and significantly improving the quality of Mondays.

4) Ryan Heffington b/c his dance class got me through early quarantine and jump-started my fitness journey.

5) Andrew, Jon, and Keith for a steady flow of tracks, memes, and jokes via our group chat.

6) My parents for giving up on zoom calls early in quarantine - y'all are heroes and I greatly enjoy our old-school phone calls.

7) Anyone who has gone out of their way to send me a song during these trying times.

I don't know what the future holds but I know one day we will all be dancing together again. In the meantime, pop this playlist on and dance your pain away!