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Alexandra Allen
Music Producer, VMLY&R NY

Isolation is tough but I’m trying, like most of us, to find the silver linings. What can I learn during this time? How can I help? It’s hard to know where to start with any of it but an easy place to start for everyone is with music. One of the few truly constant and universal mediums. Lyrics too overwhelming right now? Explore instrumental music you might not have listened to otherwise. Your go-to electro faves feeling like the wrong vibes right now? Try another genre or era. Take advantage of the music now at our fingertips thanks to streaming. I am relying heavily on music right now to help me process what’s going on in the world, to make it feel like things are still moving forward, to keep me company, to tell a story in which to get lost for a moment, and to provide a sense of security that it will always be there in some shape and form. I don’t take it for granted. Start with music!