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Alex Berson
Creative Music Director at Bulletproof Bear

For me, the pandemic, and the subsequent isolation that has come with it, has been both a trying time and also a time for deep introspection, readjustment, and focus. It’s been fascinating talking to not only people in our tight-knit sync community - friends I’m honored to join on this amazing project - but other acquaintances, allies, and family members, and see how it has affected them and think about what new worlds we can build out of the ashes of this pandemic. It has served as a massive wake-up call to so many and because it has slowed everything down it allows for the elevation of voices, messages, and movements from all over the world to be heard and to become center focus.

I made this playlist to reflect both the meditative, analytical nature of the pandemic and to shine a light on deeply important luminaries and messengers that continue to beautifully communicate to the rest of the world their own struggles, pain, and sorrow. Call me optimistic but I think the pandemic has shown us that we can make a better world together and that starts by listening and elevating the voices of those who are suffering the most, and what better way to do that than through music?