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Ravi Beeharry
Creative, Amazon

What the actual fu*k.

If someone told me three weeks ago that the world would flip upside down, I would have told them to ‘shut up’ (channeling my inner Stormzy).

And look at where we are today.

Indoors, in lockdown.

I’m running low on supply’s and living permanently in leisure wear. But these are the least of my problems.

House arrest (as I like to call it) is proving to be tough. Feels like I’ve got a gazillion things I need to be on top off and I’m treading water. Eventually it will overwhelm me (and my wife). It’s only frigging week 1 and already the days seem to be blurring into each other. I have no real purpose or even goals, I’m just surviving, day in day out.

My playlist is proving to be a sledgehammer to the mundane, an uppercut to the routine and a much needed drop kick to the stress.

But even the best playlist in the world can’t mask the reality of our situation. Once the music stops I remember I’m one of the lucky ones. As it stands today 435 people have sadly lost their lives. That puts things into perspective.

So as you sit on your sofa, on your bed or at your table, enjoy what you have. The people your stuck with you, the moments you share and this time we are all in.

I hope you enjoy my playlist.

There’s something to make you laugh, something to make you cry and more than many to make you remember that you’re not alone. Rx